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Need to Restore Laserfiche Customer Has the Volume data but is missing a year of the Database backups

asked on June 16, 2017

I have run into an issue with a customer.

There Laserfiche server crashed I though no big deal we can restore the data from backups.

Well I ran into a challenge. The customer had backups of the Volume data but the Database we found out had not been backed up for a year. The last Backup on the Laserfiche Database was June 2016

I am trying to find the best way to recover the customers data. I have access to the image files in the volume folder but I am missing a year on the DB.

I have noticed the Tiff images in the volume I could us Quick Fields to pull them back in and OCR but what can I do with the Electronic files? Looking through the volume data all electronic files are stored with out there file extension so there is no way for me to know what the extension was. Quick Fields cannot pull in the files into laserfiche as it does not recognize the file types.

Is there a better way to recover this clients data and what can I do about the electronic files?

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replied on June 16, 2017

Try one of these utilities.

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