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Assign Template Values With Docusign

asked on June 16 Show version history

Here is what I'm looking to do. When a document in the repo is sent out for signature in web access, I want it to update it's metadata field. When it comes back in with a signature, same thing. Is this possible to do with the docusignconnect integration? This is what I have so far but it's not changing the metadata field.


	  <FieldValues name="Contract Status">Active</FieldValues>


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replied on June 16

Hi Alex, 


Right now, we support setting field values once the document is signed in DocuSign and imported back into the repository. These field values can be hardcoded or dynamic based on DocuSign tokens or Laserfiche system tokens ( such as %(Date) or %(id) ).


Currently, we don't support setting fields after sending from Laserfiche Web Client to be signed. We can look into adding this functionality in a future release. 


Glancing at your XML, I noticed under your <FieldValues> element, you made node name for actually setting an individual field plural rather than singular (i.e. <FieldValues name="Contract Status"> vs <FieldValue name="Contract Status">").  The parent node should be plural (which you correctly set), and the child nodes that actually map values to field names should be singular. 


If field mapping still doesn't work after making that change, I would recommend setting EnableApplicationLogging to true and NotificationLevel to Information in the config.xml, then reproducing and checking the Event Viewer for any relevant errors. The DocuSign Connect Service should write any errors it encounters to the Event Viewer with application logging on, and that should help troubleshoot your metadata mapping issue. Feel free to post whatever error you find to this thread to get more guidance. 


Hope that helps!

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replied on June 16

I'll give this a shot. Thank you!

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