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White Paper Forms 10.2

asked on June 14

I am looking for help with building a table in Forms 10.2.  I've built it, but there are two things I want changed.  Is there a White Paper or other training document that will show how to do the following:

1)  Tighten up the words in the Row Labels (left hand column) so they wrap tighter (esp that last row!).

2)  How to have words already in these white fields, except for the Score fields.  All the fields will be read-only except the Score fields.

I also need to have the Score total filled in and can't seem to get the SUM calculation working properly.

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replied on June 19

1): It is not doable right now as the css class to set the line-height has "!important" property and can't be overridden.

2): Only support set default value for the columns, so if you set the default value from the column properties, it will display that default value for all the rows.

3): Is the score field a number field? Sum calculation can only work with number or currency field.


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replied on June 19 Show version history

Thank you, Xiuhong!  

1) Okay, I've found a way around it.  I've removed the unnecessary fields, which leaves more room for the labels. 

2) Okay, #1's solution fixed this one, as well.  My person doing the scoring can just refer to a separate chart to determine the score for each item listed.

3) Right!  I changed the total score and the Score column field to number fields and they now work!


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replied on June 19

Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you found the solution by yourself.

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