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Error in submitting the form - [LFF2107-SubmissionError]

asked on May 30, 2017 Show version history

Hi all,

When trying to submit a form, I am getting error message : '[LFF2107-SubmissionError]'. All variable names have been correctly defined and I have cleared the browser cache. The Idle Timeout in IIS has been set to 120 minutes. There is no trace of this error in event logs of LFForms.

Thanks to advise how to solve this issue.


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replied on June 1, 2017 Show version history

I am having the same issue but it is sporadic. One time the form will submit with no issues, the next time I get the dreaded An Error occurred while processing....

I just noticed that the email was sent to the approver even though I got the error. The submitter was never able to see the completed form or have the option to email or download it.

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replied on August 14, 2017

Was there ever a solution provided?

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replied on August 24, 2017

Not yet.

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replied on September 6, 2017

We're having the same issue.  Get the same error, but it goes through anyway.  

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replied on September 7, 2017

Getting the exact error on a particular form from our external server, but it processes correctly into the repository and the workflow runs smoothly from the data captured.  If processing the same form on the internal server, no error.  

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replied on February 27

Did you ever get resolution on this error?  I'm seeing the same thing and I'm looking for the solution.



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