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Laserfiche Directory Server Full License Count

asked on April 27, 2017

I'm running into an "Insufficient Licenses" issue when trying to allocate a user's license to a particular organization in LFDS, but between Users and Devices lists, it appears we should have a spot available in the organization. Can someone please clarify how LFDS is counting Full Licenses by organization?

In LFDS I can see the total number of users and devices that should comprise our License count. Within each organization it shows how many full licenses are allocated to each organization, however there is a discrepancy between the full license allocation per organization and the number of users/devices with Full licenses per organization in the Users and Devices lists.


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replied on April 27, 2017

There are several tools available for determining where your licenses are in use:

The "usage report" for organizations will give you detailed information as to where the licenses are assigned (devices, named users, allocated to servers, allocated to organizations).

The "Min" number next to the allocation field tells you how many are currently in use/allocated for that organization

the "Max" number tells you the highest number you could allocate to that organization, calculated by taking (1) the total number of licenses available in the "parent" organization and subtracting (2) the total number of licenses is use by other organizations at the same level or higher. You can view your calculation by clicking on the "Max" link.

If your "Min" is equal to the number you have typed in for the allocation, it means all your licenses are in use.

Note: screenshots are from Directory Server



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replied on April 27, 2017

This was helpful, thank you!

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