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Feature Request: "Wait for Entry Change" activity to trigger when OCR Text has been added

posted on April 25, 2017 Show version history

Hi all,

This feature is basically an idea to simplify this solution. I want to perform the OCR on the server (not at scan time) and only when necessary. The text is then used by a Pattern Matching activity to complete the workflow. In the mean time, I can put a 3 minute delay after the DCC call, or can can follow the solution referenced above, or can include the "OmniPage OCR" task with the scan classification. 

I'd rather have a call-back using the "Wait for Change Activity"

Is there an easier or better way, or can you add a voice to this feature request?


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replied on January 21, 2019

Hi Laserfiche,

Is there a possibility of this request being looked at?

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