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Please see below for instructions on how to create a direct download link to an Outlook meeting invite in Forms.


To add an Outlook meeting invite link in Forms, do the following:

     1. Create the meeting invite in Outlook

     2. Open the meeting invite, under the Meeting tab, select the Forward icon    


     3. Click Forward as iCalendar


     4. Drag the meeting invite attachment to your desktop


     5. Open your Google Drive and drag the meeting invite attachment into your Google Drive


     6. Right click the file in your Google Drive account and click Get shareable link


     7. In order to create a direct download link from your shareable link, you need to edit the URL generated based on the pattern below:



     8. Once you have the edited link, insert a Custom HTML link in your Form

          a. Under the HTML tab, insert your edited link. You'll need to add additional code to your link:

<a href=" download="">Download Email Invite</a>

          b. You can adjust the text that appears on your Form within this part of the code: download="">Change Text Here</a>        


     9. Now your link will automatically download



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