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Workflow Parse String Into Date

asked on April 18


I have files named like:




etc ...


What I'm trying to do is assign a template which has two fields




I can get the XYZ part from pattern matching, and I have also gotten the date string from pattern matching but I can't seem to assign it to the date field. 


Workflow says its not in the correct format, which I'm guessing is exepcting the '/' between the Monday Day and Year, 



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Use the Entry Name and the Token Editor

Name Token = %(Entry Name#<^(.*)-\d+>#)

Month Token = %(Entry Name#<.*(\d\d)\d\d\d\d\d\d$>#)

Day Token = %(Entry Name#<.*(\d\d)\d\d\d\d$>#)

Year Token = %(Entry Name#<.*(\d\d\d\d)$>#)


To explain, let's start at the end.  "$" means the end of the input. "\d" means any digit.  The "(" & ")" go around the information in the pattern that you want to return. The ".*" means anything 0 or more times.  And finally, "^" means the beginning of the input.

Then to find the name, we go from the start of the input and grab anything until we find a dash followed by 1 or more digits.  To find the month, we get the left most 2 digits of an 8 digit string starting from the end of the input.  To find the day, we get the left most 2 digits of a 6 digit string starting from the end of the input.  And to get the year, we get the 4 digits at the end of the input.

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replied on April 19

Juan Angulo,


I'm going to make some expressions on this webpage.



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replied on April 25



This actually really helped me with another regular expression problem I was having. Thanks again. 

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replied on April 26

Glad for you ^^

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replied on April 18

Yes, you need to get the individual components of the date and rebuild it in your field with added slashes.

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replied on April 18

How would I go about parsing that out though? I'm familiar with the "At Index" and it would be great if this had some sort of delimiter but it doesn't 


like i could use \d\d to get the first 2 digits and call it the month 

but then how do i get the day and year out?

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Hi Juan,


Using Pattern Matching, you can use this expressions and save your value in token

Pattern Matching 1 (source file name)

Token Month => \d{2}

Token1 Day => \d{6}$

Token Year =>    \d{4}$


Pattern Matching 2 (source Token 1 Day)

Token2 Day => \d{2}



Token Month + "/" + Token2 Day + "/" + Token Year

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replied on April 18

Thanks everyone for the answers. Eventually I'll get these regular expressions correctly

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