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CPP Troubleshooting Exam - Broken and Needs Updating or Retirement

asked on April 12, 2017 Show version history

So I have gathered that this exam is notorious from around the community. For both my attempts I took ample time to prepare and study all available resources. I completed all other courses and became Gold Certified before trying to take this exam again. I took the exam a 2nd time and got several answers wrong that I got right the first time. (I kept track of my answers) There is no way to tell how many other answers are buggy and if I should have passed it or not. Kind of disappointing this exam has not been retired upgraded yet where other exams have been.

The other courses I took were updated for version 10, and they are very informative and even though the tests were challenging, it never seemed like they had the deliberate tricks or bugs that the troubleshooting exam had.

My question to  the Laserfiche admins, is there any timeline for a new version of this course? I would be willing to re-take it with an update.

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replied on April 17, 2017

So the exam itself, while ambiguously worded and outdated, is not buggy as I have come to learn. However, when you look at your exam results it turns out that they do not display correctly. For example if you got 8 questions incorrect you will see 8 questions on your exam results, but they aren't necessarily all the ones you got wrong. 


This still makes for a buggy test taking experience as you cannot learn from any mistakes you may have made on the first attempt if you need to re-take it. I hope this can either be fixed or the test is retired into a free to take version. 

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replied on April 17, 2017

Hi Mitch

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have added this course to our update list.


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replied on August 8, 2019

I have recently completed the Gold track and it would appear there are quite a few issues with various exams. It may be worth having them audited and updated.

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