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HOWTO: Change folder color based upon Metadata Template Name in WebLink 9.x

posted on April 11, 2017 Show version history


1. Open the "Browse.aspx" file into an editor and add the following code right before the ending "</body>" element:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<%= Page.ResolveUrl("~/script/colorize_folder.js")%>"></script>


2. Save and close


3. Copy and paste the following JavaScript into an empty text document and save it as "colorize_folders.js" in the Laserfiche WebLink "script" folder:

// Title: Colorize Folder for Laserfiche WebLink
// About: Changes the color of the folder in Browse.aspx based upon the Template name
// Version: 1.0 (American date format)
// Date: 04/11/2017 (mm/dd/yyyy)
// Author: Wes Funderberg
// Company: City of Aiken, SC
// Compatibility: Laserfiche WebLink 9.x
// Note: Permission given to use this script in Laserfiche WebLink 9.x if header lines are left unchanged.
// Install: Please note that the column "Template name" must be active and visible in order for this to work
//			properly! Place colorize_folder.js file in the Laserfiche WebLink script folder. Open up
//          the Browse.aspx file in an editor and add the following code before the </body> element:
//          <script type="text/javascript" src="<%= Page.ResolveUrl("~/script/colorize_folder.js")%>"></script>
//          Save Browse.aspx and refresh the page

//Array that holds template names and color id. [Name of Template, Color ID]
var template_colors = [
['Website General','16'],
['Records General','5'],
['Plans General','1'],
['Phone General','18']
//Name of Template column
var template_column_name = "Template name";
//Option to hide Template column
var show_template_column = true;
//Array containing all the colors that are avaible in Laserfiche Administrator when assigning a color to a template.
var _colors = [
'0 0',
'-21 -202',
'-21 -2',
'-21 -102 ',
'-21 -122 ',
'-21 -182',
'-21 -22',
'-21 -222',
'-21 -382',
'-21 -142',
'-21 -162',
'-21 -42',
'-21 -62',
'-21 -442',
'-21 -242',
'-21 -262',
'-21 -342',
'-21 -362',
'-21 -422',
'-21 -462',
'-21 -282',
'-21 -322',
'-21 -502',
'-21 -402',
'-21 -482',
'-21 -302'];
//Index of template column when found in the table
var template_col_index = -1

$(document).ready(function () {
//First check to see if the template column is avaialble
var has_template_col = has_column(template_column_name);
//We found the column so let's continue
if(has_template_col != -1){
	//Get all the rows in the browse table
		function (rowIndex){
			var r = $(this);
			//Get all the cells in the current row with the class .DocumentBrowserCell
			r.find('.DocumentBrowserCell').each(function (index,c) {
            //Get the cell with the template name
			if(index == template_col_index && c.textContent.length > 0){
				var selected_color;
				//With the name that we found go through the template color array and find the one that matches
				for( var i = 0, len = template_colors.length; i < len; i++ ) {
					if( template_colors[i][0] === c.textContent ) {
						//Get the color id of the matched template name
						selected_color = parseInt(template_colors[i][1]);
						//Get the folder icon of the current row
							//Make sure it's a folder
							if($(this).attr('src') === 'images/iFolderClosed.gif'){
								//Manipulate the folder image css and source element
									'background':'url(images/template_colors/sprites/IconSet1.png) no-repeat',
									'height': '16'
 * Iterates through the header of the .DocumentBrowserDisplayTable
 * to see if the given name matches any of the header cells.
 * @param {String} col_name : Name of column that should match
 * @return boolean
function has_column (col_name) {
    var x = false;
	//Get all the TH cells in the THEAD section of .DocumentBrowserDisplayTable
	$(".DocumentBrowserDisplayTable").find(".EntrySorterCell").each(function (index,col) {
        //Get the text content of the current cell
		var col_text = col.textContent;
        //Check to see if they match
		if (col_text.toLowerCase() === col_name.toLowerCase()) {
			//Get the current index number
			template_col_index = index;
			//We found the match so we will return true
			x = true;
			//Hide the entire template column
				//Hide the TH
				//Hide all of the TD in .DocumentBrowserDisplayTable that are at position n
				//If ShowDownloadEdocButton is set to True then we need to add 2 to the current index
				if($('.DocumentBrowserDisplayTable tbody td:not(.DocumentBrowserCell)').length > 0){
					$('.DocumentBrowserDisplayTable td.DocumentBrowserCell:nth-child('+(index+2)+')').hide();
					$('.DocumentBrowserDisplayTable td.DocumentBrowserCell:nth-child('+(index+1)+')').hide();	
			//Exit out of loop
			return false;

    return x;


4. By using the numbered color graphic in this post as a guide modify the template_colors array in the code to match your named templates and colors. There is no limit on the amount of template items that can be listed.


To see it in action you will need to ensure that you have the "Template name" column turned on. However, you can hide this column in the code by changing the value of show_template_column from true to false.

var show_template_column = true;


Hope this helps!

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replied on April 12, 2017

Hi Wes

This is great, have you tried providing the same functionality but based on a Metadata field Value instead of the Template Name?

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replied on April 12, 2017

Thanks Steve and yes I have by changing the variable template_column_name to the meta field that I wish to use and then adding those values and color ID to the template_colors array.

As long as you can display the column in the table then you can use any value to achieve the same result.

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