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Migration from FileNet PANAGON to Laserfiche

asked on March 3, 2017

Dear all, 


We are planning to work on a new task whereby we are required to migrate a client from FileNet PANAGON to Laserfiche. 


We would really appreciate any feedback for such migrations and if it has been done before. Any information will be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you, 


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replied on March 4, 2017

We performed a migration from FileNet Content Services (formerly branded as Panagon) to Laserfiche RIO a few years back.

We worked with a few companies to extract, then import the documents, metadata, and annotations.

cloudPWR helped manage the project of planning the migration, selecting the vendors and implementing the solution.

To export the documents from FileNet, we hired a company named User Friendly Computing (UFC), and they used Quillix to create a full extract of individual document files and XML metadata and annotations.

We then worked with MVi (a Laserfiche VAR) to load the files into Laserfiche.

Finally, we created workflows to move the imported documents into the appropriate record series and storage folders.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss our experience further.

Greg Vermilion, CIP, IT Production Control Manager
Inspirus Credit Union
PO Box 576, Seattle WA 98111-0576
06-628-7944 ||1-888-628-4010 ext. 7944 || Fax 206-676-0298

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replied on March 6, 2017

Dear Greg, 


Thank you for sharing your success story with the migration from FileNet Content Services to Laserfiche. It's always great to know that it's possible! 


We will investigate the method explained and I hope you don't mind if we reach out for support if required. 


I greatly appreciate your response. 



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replied on March 6, 2017

Dear Abdulrahman,

 We have done FileNet migrations and are happy to work with you on your project. If you would like to speak with our developer please e-mail me at


Kind Regards,


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replied on March 9, 2017

I have dealt with a conversion company that has done numerous FileNet conversions.  You can contact Tery Roundy @ 4matix if you have any questions:



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replied on April 19, 2021

We are in the middle of one right now that is 11M documents and is going very smoothly.  email me at and will be happy to discuss details with you.  Best regards.  Bob McCoy

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