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Feature Request - Populating List Fields in WebLink Search Forms

posted on February 24, 2017 Show version history

We have a number of customers who use WebLink Custom Search Forms (they're one of the coolest features in the LF product suite!), but we have been running into a problem lately as more and more of our customers have started using Dynamic Template Fields.


If you setup a Template Field as a traditional List field, the list values are made available in said field when it is added to a Custom Search Form in WebLink.  However, when the template field is a Dynamic Field, pulling from a 3rd party database, those field values do not get populated into the custom search form.  This is problematic for us, because as users add values to their dynamic field table, those values do not appear as selections in their custom search form unless someone remembers to go into the WebLink Designer and add them manually.  Adding to the frustration is that you need to add them one at a time, and that it adds them all to the bottom of the list, so you then have to move each value manually to keep things sorted correctly.


It would be great if we could have Dynamic Field functionality in the WebLink Search Form Designer.




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replied on August 29

From what I can tell this feature has not been added yet as of WebLink 11 Update 3. It appears in WebLink 11 Update 1 Dynamic Fields were added to the Search page, but not the Search Forms. Are there any plans to add this? It is a big hole in the consistency of the products and causes headaches for Laserfiche Administrators.

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replied on October 9, 2020 Show version history


That happens to me too. Did you find any other alternative?

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replied on October 9, 2020

No, we have not found any alternative other than to continue to manually add list items to the WebLink Search Form Designer.

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replied on November 20, 2018
Has there been any progress with this issue? 
we need to perform searches through dynamic fields, however we have not had success
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