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All Things SCRUM

posted on February 21, 2017

After the Empower 2017 several of us wanted to have a place to discuss issues which would encompass Agile Methodology and SCRUM in particular, so here it is. 

There have been so many emails asking for information, this is the place to ask questions and share your Scrum and Project Management experiences with everyone.

Question #1

The most frequently requested information has been where did we get our training.  It was with Agile Learning Labs based in San Mateo, CA. 

1994 Chris Sims as a junior college student started his career in technology here in Chicago.  He has authored several books which are used to teach SCRUM around the world, two of which are The Elements of Scrum and Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction.  They are an easy read and to the point.  He also has a great sense of humor.

Please feel free to post other sources of training and your evaluations.


Questions #2

Why can't a single person be both a Product Owner and Scrum Master?  Their is a conflict of interest.  Something like a "man cannot serve two masters."  You cannot advocate for the team and the product at the same time.  The two roles are mutually exclusive and at times advocate against each others position.



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replied on February 27, 2017

PowerPoints for the 3 Scrum sessions are now available.  The download links are provide below:

  1. Log into the support site.  (If you don't have one, ask your internal Laserfiche support for assistance)
  2. Paste these links to complete the downloads.


BUS110: Scrum, Part 1: An Introduction

BUS111: Scrum, Part 2: A Hands-On Lesson

BUS202: Scrum, Part 3: Learn From Our Experience

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