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Feature Request - Field/Variable Editing/Formatting in the Process Diagram

posted on January 9, 2017 Show version history

Follow-Up From This Post:

It would be very nice if we could edit/format field and variables in the Process Diagram.

For example, with a date variable, if I want to change how it is formatted, or extract part of it - in order to use that value in an Email Service Task or a Send to Repository Service Task, there is no way to do this in the Process Diagram - I have to create hidden fields in one of my forms to do these calculations or formatting, and then reference those fields from the process diagram.

It would be very nice to have formatting options right in the Process Diagram - similar to what we can do with tokens in Workflow.

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replied on January 10, 2017

I added this to the features requests list, we will consider it for future versions.

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replied on January 9, 2017

Yes, the ability to declare a variable associated to a form, without a field being created or having to be on the form would make lots of sense.

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