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Agenda Manager - Certain user always gets "500 - Internal Server Error" only when clicking Approve Items tab

asked on December 22, 2016

A user, with permissions to:"View, Prepare, Meeting Type Administrator, Manage Meeting Types, Manage Users", can access all of Agenda Manager, except when clicking the Aprove Items tab.  When doing so, the server takes approx. 30 seconds spinning, then times out with a generic IIS "500 - Internal Server Error" Page.  Any other user, with the same rights, clicking delivers them instantly to the Approve Items page.  This has been tested using Chrome, Firefox and IE11.

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replied on December 22, 2016

Hi Pete,

You can enable Failed Request Tracing in IIS (this will require turning on the Windows feature if it is not already enabled) and filter for the 500 internal server error. If the same user receives the same error directly on the web server, IIS may also return a more detailed error page.

In terms of basic troubleshooting, does this happen for any meeting type or only a particular one? (you can check the value of the profileid parameter in the navigation bar) If navigating directly to http://[server]/amserver/ViewApproveItems.asp does this user encounter the same error? And is there anything of note regarding this user? --- for example, was it created first, last, before or after some change such as an upgrade, etc.

Lastly you can also reach out to your reseller for more hands-on and in-depth troubleshooting of the issue.


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replied on August 31, 2018

We have this issue when the user(s) have not approved their approval tasks and after awhile they will exceed the number of records that the server will process.

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