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Weblink 9 - Not Loading documents on Mobile Devices (tablets, Cell Phones)

asked on December 9, 2016 Show version history

I have very interesting issue. Regarding our Laserfiche weblink application running on mobile device. I'm able to launch our laserfiche portal and click on links and perform a search with no problem.  

But when I click on a document  I get the following error "The system has encountered an error and could not complete your request"

On only solution I found was to change browser settings on my mobile device "Request desktop Site" Then the document loads?

We are running weblink


When i was running weblink version 8.3 is what not an issue.?


Is there a setting i need to fix?

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replied on December 22, 2016

A case was opened for this customer's issue. It's a bug in WebLink 9 where it couldn't display folder tunneled documents in a mobile browser. A hotfix was provided to them which has resolved the issue.

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replied on December 22, 2016

I am having the same issue with WebLink8. I will be following this thread. Thanks!

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replied on January 12, 2017

@████████contact your VAR @████████is correct. We contacted our VAR they provided us with a hotfix that fix the weblink issue right away? 


Hotfix was to replace  4 .DLL files in weblink that fix the issue for mobile devices. 


Is the HotFix available for download?

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