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Comprehensive Forms Reports & Dashboard Review

asked on November 2, 2016

For the latest release of Forms 10.1, is there anything online that offers a full, complete, comprehensive rundown of how to make the most out of the reporting and dashboard features? Including, but not limited to:

  • Custom Reports and how to set up
  • What info is reported on
  • Operational vs Performance Dashboards
  • How to make this information available to others, etc.


In a nutshell, I want to learn EVERYTHING about this. Thank you.

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replied on November 3, 2016

Hi Rick, currently we don't have a thorough tutorial supported, the one we have is the Help site


In Forms, you can view Reports/Dashboards and edit Reports from either under "My Reports" or "View Metrics" for each process under "Processes". You will be able to create Reports in "View Metrics". For the specific aspects you mentioned above,

1. You can customize Reports by editing an existing Reports from either "My Reports" or "View Metrics". Reports are a collection of instances for this process. The information which you can customize for a report is the same as what type of information you see when creating a report. It includes the name of the report (Report name), who can see the report (Visible to), creating the report with existing report settings (Template) - settings include the "Columns" and "Filters" below, what information about the instance - current step, start date etc. - to show in the reports (Columns), and the filters for some specific items (Filter) - such as current step (which step this instance is on), status (whether this process is running or terminated etc.). These information is what you can customize the reports when creating or editing it.

2. The whole reporting includes dashboards (operational/performance), instances, tasks, and reports. Dashboards demonstrate the statistics for all the instances/tasks for this process. Instances page shows the information about all the instances, including instance history, variables (and variable values). Task page shows the status and information of each task. Reports page is a group of instances that created by the customized information stated in 1.

3. Operational dashboard is showing the statistics of running instances/tasks, while performance dashboard mainly depicts the statistic information for finished instances and completed tasks. For perfomance dashboard, if you configure "Show Items" to be "started" in Edit button on the top right, you will see also pending instances/tasks in the summary.

4. For dashboards, you can specify who can view it by the button on the top right of dashboards page. For reports, as stated in 1, you can specify the viewers by the customize item "Visible to".


Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.

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replied on November 8, 2016

Thank you for this write up, this definitely helped.

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replied on July 4, 2018

Hi Team,


Is it possible to have this article updated for 10.3 Operational dashboard appearance and features. Including updated screenshots showing differences would be very helpful to show customers considering a Forms update.

Are Insights available with 10.3?


many thanks


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replied on July 17, 2018

Hi Warren,

This page in the Admin Guide provides some helpful screenshots and information about the updated reporting tab within Laserfiche Forms, as well as information related to how Forms Reporting worked from versions 10.0-10.2. These should provide a good comparison, but let us know if you're looking for anything else!

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replied on July 17, 2018 Show version history

Hi Adam,


The Admin page link above shows that the Operational and Performance dashboard appearance changes significantly from 10.2.1 to 10.3.

10.2.1 displays easy to read pie chats in the dashboards, colour separated user tasks, and 2 Insights panels.

10.3 Operational dashboard looks significantly different for a 10.2.1 customer used to the appearance in the attached image.


Is it possible to have the 10.2.1 display format in 10.3 as the customer has asked us to provide guidance on the differences to the dashboards they have become familiar with before their decision to upgrade.


Any screenshots you can provide would be most helpful.


many thanks





Forms operational dashboard with Insights.JPG
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replied on July 18, 2018

Hi Warren,

The Operational Reports tab within Forms 10.3 reporting essentially contains all of the reporting data we could observe within the Operational and Performance Dashboards. You may recall that the old Operational Dashboard provided information about your running instances while the old Performance Dashboard provided information about your completed instances. In order to view this information in 10.3, you can open up the Operational Report for your process, and then in the top-left corner of the screen, make your selections between Tasks/Instances, between Currently Running/Finished, and select your date filter. These options will give you all of the same reporting data you had in 10.2.1, along with information like task distribution insights. I've included an image of the report, on which I've highlighted where the configuration is done to switch between the different information.

Forms Reporting.png
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replied on December 13, 2018

What is "View Metrics" I have looked and looked - I can't find it. I do see operational reports but not "View Metrics"


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