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Client Branding

asked on October 31, 2016 Show version history

Is there anyway you can add a clients name or logo onto the login splash screen for forms, laserfiche, etc. Also would it be possible to do the same for the various interface banners the client may use. It would help to differentiate when supporting multiple clients as well as offering a form of identification for the client other than what you create on the banner of a form. I'm not asking to remove the Laserfiche title or logo just be able to put the clients name on the banner too.

the page.

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replied on October 31, 2016

I like the idea of this. It would awesome to be able to have some customization to the LF Forms Interface in the same way you can create templates for forms.  Maybe a way to add logos, color schemes, etc.  Good idea! :)

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replied on November 1, 2016

You can put your logo C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Laserfiche Forms\Forms\img, and modify the under C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Laserfiche Forms\Forms\Views\Shared manually for following section by adding the image element.

<a href="@Url.Action("Inbox", "Home")" class="lfm-toolbar__brand hidden-xs" id="brand" name="brand">
<image src="~/img/yourlogo.png"/>
 <svg class="lf-icon" style="width:160px; height:48px; pointer-events:none"><use xlink:href="@Url.Content("~/img/lf.svg#logotype")"><desc>@Resources.STR_LASERFICHE_FORMS</desc></use></svg>



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replied on November 1, 2016

Thanks Xiuhong, that worked a treat, much appreciated.

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