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How to restrict date picker selection based on the entry in another date field?

asked on October 25, 2016

Hi guys,

I know how to set the date picker to only make selection available for dates greater than today's date (using JavaScript "min" date attribute), but what if I have two date fields and I want to set the second date picker to only make selection available for dates including/after the date selected in the first date field?  The requirement is also to be able to use dates in the format "dd-MMM-yy".

For example, in the first date field, the user selects 26-Nov-16.  Then, when they click on the date picker for the second date field, the earliest date they are able to select is 26 Nov.

I'm using Forms 10.1.



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replied on October 25, 2016

Here's a working example

$(document).ready(function () {
  $('.firstdate input').on('change', function() { 
    var datearray = $('.firstdate input').val().split("-");
    var montharray = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar","Apr", "May", "Jun","Jul", "Aug", "Sep","Oct", "Nov", "Dec"];
    var year = "20" + datearray[2];
    var month = montharray.indexOf(datearray[1])+1;
    var day = datearray[0];
    var minDate = (year +"-"+ month +"-"+ day);
    $('.seconddate input').attr('min',minDate); 

The form has two date fields that uses the following CSS class names respectively: firstdate and seconddate. The fields are also using the dd-MMM-yy date format. After picking a date in the first date field, the date picker in the second date field should be restricted such that the minimum date that can be selected is the first date.

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replied on October 25, 2016

Thanks very much Alexander, it works perfectly and I was nowhere near coming up with something like that so it's much appreciated.

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replied on February 26

This is really helpful! How does the javascript change if I am using a M/dd/yyyy format?

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