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Document Viewer: Microsoft Office Documents

asked on October 13, 2016 Show version history

We are currently testing Laserfiche Web Access in the following version:

Laserfiche Web Access
Laserfiche Repository Access

Objective: Preview (read only) Word and Excel Documents via Web Access through Document Viewer.

Reasoning: To avoid forcing the user to download an electronic file every time they want to read a document. Microsoft Office format is required over TIFF to enable users to use hyperlinks and fillable fields when file is exported.

Viewing Setting:

Displaying image.png

Tested files with the following extensions:

.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .pptx .ppt

In some cases, documents could be previewed and others the document had no pages. There was no correlation between extension type and the ability to be preview.


I am stuck trying to troubleshoot the conditions that make a Microsoft Office Document visible in Document viewer.

Is there a factor other than extension type that makes a document's pages visible in Document viewer?


Any feedback about this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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replied on October 13, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

You can see an Office document in the document viewer/preview pane if pages were generated for that file. Essentially, what this means is that you're looking at an image of the document that Laserfiche created upon import, or when a user generated pages. It could be that not all of your documents have pages generated, since Web Access does not currently support generating pages on Office documents. However, you can generate pages on these documents within the desktop client, which will then allow you to open the documents in Web Access without downloading them.

Since you're using Web Access 10.1, another option you have is to use the Microsoft Office viewer directly in your document viewer without generating pages for your documents, which will display Word documents, Excel spreadsheets,  This requires that your site implements Office Web Apps Server. Hope this helps!

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replied on October 14, 2016

Hi Anita,

Thank you so much for your prompt response!

Generating pages in client worked for what we wanted perfectly.

It would be even more helpful if we could automate this process. I looked a bit on the forums for this, but couldn't find any solutions. I don't see it as a built in activity option in Workflow or Quick Fields.

Is there a way of generating pages for electronic documents in Quick Fields or Workflow?

Thanks again!

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replied on November 17, 2017

Hi @████████

If a user has read only access, then why not allow them to download a Word document? It could be similar to a checkout but the docuemnt wouldn't be locked in Laserfiche.


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