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Rename Folders, Document and Index Field

asked on September 26, 2016 Show version history

I would like to create a workflow to rename Folders, Documents and field value. For all three objects I am replacing the first four characters with three new characters.

I am new to LF having not used it since 2001 when it was a different product entirely. 


If someone can describe for me at a high level the steps that need to be done to accomplish this I would appreciate.


Specifically I am looking to replace for example a folder named "ATLB02" with documents named "ATLB020001" etc with foldername "CHE02" and document named "CHE0001". I am open to all ideas.

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replied on September 26, 2016

Welcome back to Laserfiche!!

The easiest way to accomplish this is with a quick Workflow to find the entries and use the Token Calculator Substitute Function to create a token with the new name and then rename the file with it.

FYI, the Substitution Function is Case Sensitive when it looks for the characters in the string.

I typically run this manually from the Workflow tool for these types of projecsts.

Once you have it tested so that you can run it against the sections of your of your repository as needed by changing the Find Entries location. Suggest you start with a test folder.

Below is a sample workflow and settings to get you through this quickly.

Good luck.


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replied on September 26, 2016

If you're looking at more than 500 entries to process, you'll want to put everything that's inside For Each in its own workflow and invoke it from this one. The performance will be a lot better.

Performance-wise, it would also be more efficient if you could limit your search results to a few thousands per run.

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