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new version of failover clustering guide

asked on September 26, 2016 Show version history


i found in this link ""  a guide on failover clustering but it is from 2012.and laserfiche 8

is there any newer version ? or this same configuration still works?


thank you.

Maher Daher.

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replied on October 5, 2016

Hi Maher,

We are working on updating these these whitepapers but the good news is that not much has changed for this particular document. The architecture between version 8 and version 10 hasn't really changed from a clustering and high availability stand point. One thing to be aware of is the addition of the Laserfiche Director Server (LFDS) which isn't talked about in this whitepaper. You just have to make sure that if something happens to your Laserfiche system, that the LFDS can still be reached to ensure that your applications will continue to work properly during a service failure.

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replied on November 21, 2019

For anyone searching the answers site; there is a new whitepaper on failover clustering that can be found here:

Here's an additional KB article on Directory Server failover clustering:

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