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agenda manager setup

asked on September 21, 2016 Show version history

My client wants to move Agenda Manager 9.0.2 from a physical server to a VM environment, but before we start the setup I need to know the easiest way to move agenda manager to VM.

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replied on September 21, 2016

The only way to do it would be to uninstall it from their previous machine and then reinstall it on the VM. For all intents and purposes, you should tread the VM like any other physical machine in this case.

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replied on September 21, 2016

After installing on VM is there a way to keep the settings for Agenda Manager?

Is there a folder (s) I should copy over before uninstalling?

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replied on September 21, 2016 Show version history

Are you going to be using the same SQL instance used by AM or will you be moving SQL as well?

If you are moving the SQL db too,  make sure you have a valid back up of the database and the volume.

To move the Agenda Manager database to a new server you can do the following:

1. Stop the Laserfiche Agenda Manager service on the original computer (Before you uninstall of course)
2. Detach the SQL database and move it to new SQL Server where it will be attached.
3. Copy the Volume files from the old machine to the new machine. Preferrably in the same path.  If on a different path, please note the new path
4. Uninstall AM from the old server and then install it on the new machine.
5. Go through the Agenda Manager Configuration Wizard, where you will be able to select the database. You will select the machine where the SQL Server resides then select the database.
6. When you get to the Volume configuration, specify the path to the Agenda Manager volume that you copied from the new machine.
7. Complete the configuration after that.  Make sure that the account logged onto the Laserfiche Agenda Manager service has full rights to the SQL database.

Here is the link to the online help for reference: manager volume

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