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Image Management - Integration with Photo Software

posted on September 12, 2016

I was wondering if anyone has any image/photo management practices they would be willing to share. Of course you would have typical metadata (date taken, people in the photo, event, etc.) but does anyone have a template that is a bit more detailed? Also, does anyone integrate laserfiche with an image software that can pull metadata from that software into LF as LF metadata? I'm thinking of a camera's ability to recognize location (via built-in gps), face recognition, etc. that would then automate filling such metadata when pulled in LF. 


Thoughts? Best practices? Thanks!

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replied on September 16, 2016

Hello Robyn,

My company maybe able to help with your photo integration. However, since you are a client of a specific LF Value Added Reseller (VAR) and we ourselves are a VAR we need to contact your VAR before undertaking any work with you.  We need to get a working relationship with your VAR and assure your VAR that we in no way would pursue any other relationship with their client other than the specific integration or services you are requesting. To this end if you think we can help please e-mail me your LF VAR's name and contact information at



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replied on September 12, 2016 Show version history

I was interested in this as well because our photography department wanted a digital asset management solution but we had some difficulties meeting all their needs, mainly in the realm of the metadata.

Photography software and DAM systems have a metadata standard that they use called IPTC/XMP.  Out of the box I am not aware of any way for Laserfiche to pull this type of metadata.  XMP metadata follows the photo in a sidecar file and allows the user to create custom metadata in image files.  I remember seeing other questions about Laserfiche possibly being able to read/write this information but currently I am not aware of this being a straightforward process or if anyone is even doing this at all.

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replied on September 12, 2016

Thanks for the response, Ramon. I'll look into these standards and see if I can build a template from that best practices metadata. Hopefully someone else here has more information. 


May I ask what direction/solution you ended up going with?

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replied on September 12, 2016

Unfortunately the only way we would have been able to get the metadata from their photos into Laserfiche was to use LF connector to pull the metadata they already had in their images.  However, this wasn't efficient so they ended up going with  a DAM system that was tailored towards photography.  The DAM software they had in mind already had integrated photo editing, read/write metadata in the IPTC/XMP format, social media integration and photo duplication identification and more.  Was just not sensible to compete with all of that.

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