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Forms Modification Versioning

asked on September 9, 2016


Is there a way to see who made what changes to a Form's Process? We have a client that has a huge forms process but there are multiple people who have admin access to it. All higher up's want full access.

Which means any one could change / break the process without us knowing. After that it is nothing but a blame game. 

Same goes for Admin console. There is no record if someone deletes a user from admin console or perform some other serious operations.

These features should be default in LF considering how seriously laserfiche consider security aspects of its products.


Junaid Inam 

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replied on September 12, 2016


So in the database, if we look for a table called, 'cf_business_processes', there will be a column called, 'updated_by_snapshot_id'. Whoever updates the process, the snapshot id will be stored in this table with update time. If you check this table, you will be able to see who made the last change to the process. 

Regarding 'snapshot_id', you will be able to find out more details information about this user in the table called, cf_user_snapshot.


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replied on January 12, 2017

Forms 10.2 now show who made the last change to the process when hover over the information icon in the left navigation.

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replied on January 27, 2017

Is it possible to find the last couple of entries from the form being modified, not just the last one?

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replied on February 7, 2017

Currently not, only last one will be recorded.

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