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Feature Request: DCC

posted on August 16, 2016

We have a client whose DCC is using up a lot of resources on their server. It is scheduled to run at 8pm but there are jobs that run for 20+ hours. If you manually ocr one of the problem documents (usually has a large image on one page) it takes about 5 minutes. 


Could we have DCC skip a page if it takes more than a few minutes to OCR? That would resolve a lot of issues with needing to restart the service or have the wf skip certain documents that have known issues and keep adding to that list. 



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replied on November 7, 2018

We were having that issue here in our system with large plan images. Our tech rep was able to figure out how to have a workflow identify images with LARGE resolution (>3k pixels wide) and tag them so that they system would not even attempt to run against them without ever getting through them.

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