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Forms lookup rules should transfer during import if there is a data source with the same name

asked on August 2, 2016 Show version history

When transferring forms business processes between two environments, lookup rules always seem to get removed. This is incredibly annoying, since it forces us to recreate each and every single lookup rule. I literally just spent 45 minutes on recreating the lookup rules for 8 different business processes after importing them to another server. angry

Can you please make it so that the Forms server does not strip the lookup rules if there is a data source with the same name on the destination Forms server? Thanks.

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replied on August 3, 2016

I think this should be a priority for the next forms release! FYI, there's an older post asking for the same thing... Looks like you had responded to that one as well. I only point it out because I offered a way to edit the XML so that you can import your Business Process successfully despite a change in the data source name.

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replied on December 2, 2016

I would like to throw my support behind this request,  I have been using Scott's process of editing the XML, which is getting me by for now for transferring.

I would also like to add a similiar situation I ran into will lookup rules being removed that caused me problems,   I modified a stored procedure and added another parameter to the stored procedure,   I set the parameter to have a default value so it would not affect my other processes and applications that use the procedure.   When i refreshed the datasource in the forms administration,   it removed the lookup rule from about 10 processes automatically.    

Fortunately I was doing this in a dev environment so it did not cause me any major problems just a lot of lost work time to fix the affected processes.   

If this would have happened in production,  it would have created major problems and delays with internal users and public users making requests while they waited for me to fix all the forms.   

It would be very beneficial as Ege requested anytime an existing lookup rule is invalid during import or change in database,  disable it instead of delete.   Much easier to fix then recreate,  especially as the number of fields and/or processes is affected.








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