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Why are my DCC workers still processing after the job failed?

asked on June 21, 2016

My DCC jobs often fail, but my worker machines are still maxed out on CPU and memory usage. Showing the processes from all users on the worker machines using Task Manager shows several LFOmniOCR.exe and many NuanceLS.exe processes running. 

What, exactly, are these workers working on in these situations?

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replied on June 1, 2017

This is an old thread, but we have the same issue with v10.0.0.46.

It appears that even though the scheduler says it failed, the worker might still be working on it. The scheduler believes the machine is done, then assigns another job. This creates the situation where the worker has many instances/processes of LFOmniOCR Engine (32bit) at once, and then seizes up the machine.

For us, the failure is often caused by odd page sizes (building plans or maps). When you run the client on the same document, it can take over 20min to complete. We have not found an ideal remedy to get the hung OCR processes to terminate, other then scheduling a restart of the worker.

These threads have provided some help.

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