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Laserfiche Import Agent 10 Released

posted on June 21, 2016

Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Import Agent 10. This is a major release that includes new features and enhancements. Additionally, Laserfiche Import Agent is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

New Laserfiche Import Agent features:

  • Import Agent now supports multiple threads on multi-core machines.
  • Existing profiles can be copied, giving you a starting point when creating a new profile.
  • When importing into an existing document, that document can now be put under version control.
  • Schedule importing has been updated so that it only imports files during the configured time period. Previously, schedule importing would import any documents found during the configured time period even if the import process took longer than the time period.
  • A new option lets you delete monitored subfolders if they are empty after import.
  • Text generation has been improved so you can automatically generate text from electronic documents and OCR PDFs that do not have text streams.
  • Import Agent has new email tokens for MSG files and file tokens for creation and modification date.
  • Files imported from an XML list file can be post-processed, and PDF files imported from an XML list file follow the PDF import options.
  • Import profiles are now saved as XML files (saved under Program Data) instead of as registry keys.


Next steps:

  1. Download the installation package for Laserfiche Import Agent 10 in zip format or ISO format.
  2. Read the list of changes for Laserfiche Import Agent 10.
  3. Read the release notes for Laserfiche Import Agent 10.
  4. Visit for videos, forums, Knowledge Base articles, and more.
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replied on June 21, 2016 Show version history

As a person who's setup countless new profiles over the years for customers, let me be the first to say




For including a copy existing profile button, that's been on my wish list for years!   laugh


Also a shout out to the upgraded compression schemes. We have a client who was having issues with file sizes from a very basic no-hard drive MFP that generated 8 meg tif and pdf images per every 10 pages. Their goofy LZW compression would not compress when they scanned it as a tif (import agent probably thought it was color even though it was scanned as B&W), but changing their scans to PDF and then enabling compression on Import Agent 10 took their 8 megs for 10 pages B&W scan to around 400k once we saved it to laserfiche w/o the PDF. 

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